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School Lunches

All primary school children who attend state schools in London will receive free school meals for the full academic year, starting September 2023.




Cashless Catering - sQuid system.

Havering Catering Services use the sQuid system for payment of school lunches.  sQuid is a convenient and secure way for you to pay for child's meals online.  You will need to register for a sQuid account. Please contact the school office for a Registration letter.

 All Infant children will of course still be entitled to a free school meal, however you will still need to set up a sQuid account to ensure your child receives a meal, as all meals, free or paying will have to go through the sQuid system.

Click here for sQuid webpage

If you have more than one child at school you will only need to register one sQuid account and then simply add your other child/children sQuid registration number and security code to your account on 'Users' page.

The kitchen will no longer be selling drinks, water will be available, however if you wish your child to have juice/squash you will need to send in with your child each day.

Please see new summer term lunch menu below.



Special Lunch Menu - Thursday 5th October 


Havering Catering - September 2023

Please scan QR code to see list of ingredients and allergens for the menu.

Packed Lunches

Children should be provided with a healthy lunch, including a non-sugary drink. Please do not send in nuts, sweets, chocolate or crisps in your child’s packed lunch.

Scotts have signed up to the Local Authorities Health and Wellbeing in Schools Programme, to kickstart this initiative we shall be looking at the contents of packed lunch boxes brought into school and offer the following clarification of acceptable food and drink items.

  • A savoury item – i.e. sandwich, crackers, bread sticks, pasta, sausage roll, rice, rice cakes, popcorn
  • A yoghurt or jelly (low sugar varieties)
  • Piece of fresh fruit or vegetables
  • One treat/fun size biscuit or cake (no chocolate or chocolate coated biscuits to bring in line with Havering Catering services school meal menu)
  • A low sugar juice or squash drink or water

Items that are not included in this list will be sent back home and an alternative will be provided by the school for that day.

We would like to bring to your attention the Change 4 life website which has lots of healthier lunchbox ideas for you to consider

All water bottles sent into school for use in the classroom should be in a clear plastic bottle with a sports lid and only contain water. Lunchtime drinks are as above and can be brought into the dining room in any suitable water bottle (not glass bottles).  School water bottles are available to purchase from the school office at a cost of £2.00.

This document from may be of some help when looking for healthy lunchbox ideas.


School milk is available for all primary school children.  If you would like to register your child for subsidised milk (FREE for under fives) please register online at or pick up a registration form from the school office.