Healthy schools & TRAVEL PLAN


At Scotts, we participate in the TRAVEL PLAN scheme that helps us to achieve our TfL STARS accreditation.  STARS rewards schools that promote safer and active travel behaviour which consequently helps to increase the number of pupils and staff who walk, scooter and cycle to and from school and therefore helps us to reduce the traffic around our school.  We also help year 6 children prepare for their journey to secondary school.  

Each year in September, we employ four Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA) from year 5.  Their job is to make travelling to and from school safer and more active for their friends and school mates.  They do this by researching, planning, promoting and delivering safer, active independent travel activities via assemblies, competitions and events. The JTAs meet with our local road safety officer (Elaine) who awards them with a JTA badge and high visibility vest whilst introducing them to the role.  

Cycle Awareness Day for Key Stage 1 Children

Luckily, the sun was still shining and lovely and warm when some of our children in year 1 and year 2 participated in our bike and scooter training recently.  This event was thoroughly enjoyed and their class teachers have reported that the children returned back to class with big smiles.

Promoting Scooter Safety Via Books in Year One

In November, all of our year one pupils were given a great book called 'Why Animals Can't Ride Scooters and You Can'.  The books are all about animals who fail miserably to ride their scooter safely. From downhill blunders to negotiating driveways. Clever and engaging imagery helps bring the charming story to life as it warns children of what happens when scooting goes terribly wrong.

Bikeability Training with 5L

23rd to 27th September 2019

This week, some of our students in 5L have been busy peddling towards their level one and two Bikeability certificates. 

Thanks to Sustrans and their expert instructors, pupils have developed better, safer cycling habits that have prepared them for dealing with short journeys to school and the local shops. Thank you, Sustrans!

Healthy Schools London Award

The healthy schools rating scheme is a voluntary scheme awarded by the Major of London for schools that recognise, encourage and contribute to the support of pupils' health and wellbeing.  

Trouble Tuesdays

As part of our Healthy Schools initiative, we are running a lunchtime club at 12:30 on Tuesdays called 'Trouble Tuesdays'.  The club is run by our Rainbow Champions and Mrs Bones. Our Rainbow Champions have had specific training for the role and Mrs Bones has attended a Youth Mental Awareness course recently. 

The club gives our children an opportunity to have a break from the playground and discuss their troubles with a peer or an adult.  Other members of our Rainbow Champions continue to be available on the playground. 

We are looking forward to having a Rainbow Champion bench put in place very soon so that our children have a place to go to, where they can be easily found when they wish to have a chat with one of our Rainbow Champions on the other days of the week.

Rainbow Champions

The Rainbow Teamwork with a selected group of children that are recognised as being good friends to all. These children are known in school as our rainbow champions and can be recognised by their rainbow badges and lanyards! 

They work as a team, similarly to how the school council operates, to help their peers in resolving issues. They meet on a half termly basis with Mrs Sfaltos to take part in activities including role play where they can practise supporting their friends in restorative play.

Every week, our Rainbow Champions lead a lunchtime club 'Troubles Tuesday's' with Mrs Bones. This club gives all junior children the opportunity to talk to a peer about something that is troubling them. It is also a safe space for children to enjoy quiet games, indoor positive play and mindfulness colouring. 

Travel Plan Conference Meeting

On the 6th March 2020, Mr Grewal and I visited Coopers Coburn School in Upminster for the 2020 Travel Plan Conference.

We met with other local schools in the borough and shared our achievements over the previous year.  We met our local borough members and external agencies who offer their services to our community.  Mr Grewal and I have some great ideas to implement in the upcoming year.  Watch this space!

We Promote School Trips Using Public Transport

On a recent visit to the Metro Bank in Romford, our year fives used public transport to travel there and back.

Promoting Road Safety in the Early Years

In the autumn term, our early years' children were busy learning about road safety.  They focussed on how to walk along the pavement and play near roads safely.

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors kicked the day off with a road safety presentation.

Below is the timeless road safety TV advert called 'King of the Road' that was watched by our EYFS children.