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Friends of Scotts Association

FOSA committee 2020-2021

Amy Quarrell - Chair of FOSA
Russell Winston - Treasurer
Alison Main - Secretary
Lindsey Winston
Lisa Goodman
Lucy Garred
Nicola Saunders 
Sarah Abbelle
Steve Martin

FOSA fundraising

2020-2021 (so far!)

Make the rules day - £820
Chocolate stall - £270
Christmas card sales - £637
Christmas raffle - ...
FOSA movie night - ...


Christmas Fayre - £2,500
Discos - £1,450
Fireworks - £1,800
Circus - £760
Race Night - £500
Adventure Island - £600
5p Bottles - £800
Christmas Cards - £500

Past events

Christmas fair, raffle, summer fair, circus, infant entertainer, 5p challenge, boot sale, fashion show, mothers day sale, fathers day sale...


FoSA are very grateful for any unwanted presents or anything

suitable for raffle prizes to use in the various events we

organise throughout the year.

School purchases thanks to FOSA

2020-2021 (so far!)


Junior library refurbishment


Christmas Presents
Christmas Panto
Junior Library refurbishment

FOSA AGM minutes