Geography at Scotts Primary School

Intent: The intent of our Geography curriculum is to deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that every child has a sense of place, space and scale of the world around them. As a result of this they will:


  • Develop a greater understanding of the world, as well as their place within it.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge of diverse places, people and resources.
  • Have an increased knowledge of the human and physical features so that they can confidently compare and contrast their own locality with another.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of human and physical processes, and how landscapes and environments change over time.
  • Be given a variety of opportunities to develop first-hand knowledge and experiences from fieldwork.
  • Be competent at collecting, analysing and communicating a range of data gathered through fieldwork that deepens their understanding of geographical processes.
  • Be equipped with the skills to enable them to interpret maps, diagrams, globes and aerial photographs.
  • Communicate geographical information which they can present in a variety of ways, through maps, charts and extended pieces of writing.

Geography Curriculum Overview 2023 - 2024

Geography Learning Journey Flight Path

Geography Enriching Vocabulary

Competition Results!

James in 3M won our key stage two competition to design a map to go on one of the walls in our playground. James's map of our school was absolutely amazing! His map was very technical and had lots of detail. We shall soon be sending it off to the printers!


As well, as part of our Earth Day, we had three winners who designed recycling bins for particular places.  Can you guess which places their designs could go to?

Congratulations to Sophie in 2C, Chloe in 4M, and Sophie in 6C.

Examples of work

Year 1

The United Kingdom - Autumn 1

Weather Patterns - Summer 1

My Local Environment - Summer 2

Year 2

An Island Home - Autumn 2

Our World - Spring 1

Poles Apart - Spring 2

Year 3

Passport to the world - Autumn 2

Land Use - Spring 1

Extreme Earth - Summer 2 

Wow! What fun.  Look at what our geographers have been modeling in year 3...

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Environmental themes



Examples of Work

Year 4

All Around the World - Autumn 1

The United Kingdom - Spring 1

Rainforests - Summer 1

Year 5

Mountains - Autumn 1

Europe - Spring 1

North America - Summer 2

Year 6

 Rivers - Autumn 2

Earthquakes - Spring 2

Investigating Energy - Summer 2

Fieldwork at Scotts