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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

"A child or young person has special educational needs and disabilities if they have a learning difficulty and/or a disability that means they need special health and education support." (NHS website)


Here at Scotts, we celebrate that every child's learning journey is different. We strive to ensure that every child receives the highest quality teaching, adapted to their individual needs, to help them to achieve their personal goals.

If you have any concerns regarding your child's ability to access the curriculum, please contact our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) Mrs Standen on 01708 457019 or


More information about SEND provision at Scotts:

SEN information report-our school offer

SEN policy 


Mental Health


At Scotts Primary School we know the importance of all members of our community being healthy in both body and mind.  The world in which we live has been an uncertain and constantly changing place this year and now more than ever we must pull together to support one-another.

As such we have- and will continue to- invest a lot of time and resources into promoting mental wellbeing within school. We are proud to be a Mentally Healthy School and are working collaboratively with both staff in school and with external agencies to ensure that we are able to offer support to those who need it.

There will always be challenges that arise for children and adults that can affect their ability to be happy and successful and we are very proud of the supportive team that we have developed who are on hand to support during these times.

As parents and carers, you too are a vital part of our school community and if you are concerned about your own mental health, we can signpost you towards agencies that can support you too.


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"After it's been raining, the sun comes out... that's when you see a Rainbow!" Lexi, Year 2

"The rainbows are there when there isn't rain too.. it's there to see the sun!" Alfie, Year 1

"Rainbows are made by all different colours... the children in our school are all different and we are all part of our school rainbow!" Millie, Year 1

"I am a rainbow! I wear my badge so that everyone knows that they can talk to me if they need a friend!" Ruby, Reception

School Vision & Values

Together, children and teachers have developed some school values to promote the ethos of the school and ensure that everyone is sharing in our school vision of imagining, believing and achieving, while feeling safe and confident to do so. 

Our School Values are:

  • Respect
  • Fairness & Compassion
  • Uniqueness
  • Team work & Exploration
  • Resilience
  • Creativity & Innovation


In the Classroom 

  • We ensure that school rules are established early for the safety and well-being of everyone.
  • "Good to be Green" behaviour system to celebrate positive behaviour and support children in regulating whether they are being the best versions of themselves.
  • Teacher and Teaching Assistants work hard to build strong relationships with the children to ensure that children feel happy to share their concerns.
  • Worry Boxes in which children can post their worries in the knowledge that a member of staff will always check in with them.
  • PSHE lessons
  • Celebratory days (e.g  Good to be Different Day) where children are encouraged to recognise and understand our differences. 


On the Playground

All of our midday staff have received training around safeguarding and supporting effective play.

Some of our team have received specialist training to meet specific needs of children within our school, including administering emergency medication and autism awareness. 

One of our midday staff (Mrs Duffy) has been recruited to represent the Rainbow Team on the playground. She has received additional training around providing emotional support for children who need it the most. Mrs Duffy runs supported play sessions that all Key Stage 1 children are currently invited to participate in. In these sessions, Mrs Duffy works to model safe and appropriate play and promotes children's confidence and self-esteem in learning how to initiate safe play with others. 



 The NHS recognise mindfulness as a tool for helping us to understand ourselves and live a happier life. It focuses on being present in the moment.

This can be a great tool to combat anxiety, depression or to just help mentally well people to enjoy life in the moment.

Mindfulness can also be a helpful approach to use for times of stress at home, including improving sleep. Here is a clip that we recommend for helping children to settle down to bedtime.

The Cosmic Kids Zen Den is another excellent mindfulness tool...

British Sign Language

Some of our staff members have studied and received qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL)- a language that uses signs to communicate with people with hearing impairment. 

Why not try and learn some with Mrs Bones?

Basic greetings

Numbers 0-10

Finger spelling the alphabet in BSL

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a calm and safe space within our school that is accessible for all children when they need somewhere to escape the stresses of daily life. We have access to resources within this room that can support children when they are finding it hard to explain how they are feeling or to cope with overwhelming emotions. We aim to support children in managing and resolving issues before they grow or develop into bigger issues.


Our Rainbow Team

3 days out of 5, our Rainbow Room is used to provide specialised support from either our school Counsellor or by our ELSAs. 

Mrs Sfaltos is a qualified and experienced counsellor  who is well equipped to tailor support for the individual children she supports.  This may be a one- off session or a series of sessions.

The aim of her support is to equip children with the skills they need to cope with and manage their emotions in the future.

Miss Green and Mrs Monk are our school  Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) working with either small groups of children or individuals to support them in developing their emotional literacy.  This means understanding and implementing strategies to improve the way that they think and feel, usually in relation to themselves.

Areas that our ELSAs can support can include:

  • Recognising emotions
  • Self-esteem
  • Social skills
  • Friendship skills
  • Anger management
  • Loss and bereavement.  

Rainbow Champions

Rainbow Champions are a group of children who have been recognised as being good friends to all. These children are known in school as our Rainbow Champions and can be recognised by their rainbow badges and lanyards! 

They work as a team to help their peers in resolving issues and meet on a half termly basis with Mrs Sfaltos to take part in training activities.



Here you can download the handouts from our Mental Health Workshop with CAMHS.