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Comprehension, Word Reading and Writing


Phase 2 sounds taught Autumn 1

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Number and Numerical Patterns

Expressive Arts and Design

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Understanding the World

Past and Present, People, Culture and Communities, The Natural World

Out of this world!

We arrived at school to discover 2 giant green eggs in our playground. We had a discussion and shared our ideas about what might hatch from the eggs and how it may have felt to be inside an egg. Back in the classroom we were really hoping they were the eggs of a dinosaur. We found out that fossils tell us that dinosaurs did exist a very long time ago. We made salt dough using different ingredients and used dinosaur toys to make an imprint in the dough. We cooked the dough until it went hard and were amazed by the fossils we had created.

In our investigation area we became palaeontologists. We had lots of fun using different tools and brushes to carefully find the fossils of dinosaurs and match them to the dinosaur on the identification card.

We have been thinking about the different seasons and what life is like in Winter. We also spoke about the Arctic and how much colder it is than where we live. We decided that it was too cold for us, but that it was perfect for Polar Bears because they have adapted to their surroundings. 

We discovered that we are 93 million miles away from the sun. We had a go at walking a mile ourselves.

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and even learnt how to use chopsticks.