Welcome to Reception!

Willow Class

Teacher - Miss Batchelor

Chestnut Class

Teacher - Miss Loades

Teaching Assistants across the year group - Mrs Aynsworth, Mrs Nikol, Mrs Lammin, Mrs Duffy and Miss Wear.



Please check Google Classroom 

Inside your child's book bag you will find a tricky word booklet. Please practise these words every day.

(Tricky words need to be read by sight, they cannot be sounded out using phonics)


Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit every Tuesday. Children should be dressed in either the Scotts tracksuit or shorts and t-shirt, depending on the weather. 

Book Bags and Reading Books

Your child will receive a book weekly. Please look at the back page to see what your child should be working on. This will include a decoding session, a prosody session and a comprehension session. Please sign your child's reading record 5 times a week. 


 Your child will be given homework every Friday. Please support your child in completing this homework to help them consolidate their phonics learning. Homework is due in the following Friday.


Please can you ensure that you label your child’s clothing, this includes their shoes. 

Our Topic is... 

Out of this World!

Termly curriculum overview

Parent information

 Reading Books

Please make sure you read daily with your child and record a comment in the reading record. Please practice reading the phase words and tricky words with your child to develop their sight word recognition. 

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Tales of the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister - Audiobook - Audible.co.uk

This week in literacy we will be reading the story Rainbow Fish. We will predict what will happen in the story. We will be thinking about why and how questions that we could ask the Rainbow Fish. We will consider what is special about us and our friends. During the week we will look at non fiction books to help us learn more information about creatures that live in the sea.

In Phonics we will be reviewing all of the sounds we have learnt so far.

Big Cat Phonics for Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised - Grapheme  Chart for Reception: Phases 2 and 3 For Year Reception | Little Wandle |  Badger Learning


 We will learn to read words such as forest, tantrum, freshness, printer. We will learn the tricky words; there, when, what and one.

Information for parents can be found on Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. Please click on the link below.


Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

Phonics Play

Please spend some time using the phonics play free resources to support your child’s decoding skills.

Click the link below to go to the website

This week in maths, we will be learning to understand two equal groups, the whole and doubling. We will use our knowledge of dice formations to help support our learning.

 Week beginning 8th June


In PSHE and Online safety we will understand how to keep safe online and how unkind words can still affect people even if they are online. We will learn who we can go to if we see something we do not like or something that upsets us. 

Special Box

Box Clipart Vector Images (over 5,300)

On a Friday, one child in class will be chosen for our special box. When it is your child’s turn, they will come home with a note to say they have the special box. Please collect five special things that are important to your child and discuss why they are special to them. It could be a teddy they have had since they were a baby, a certificate that they have been awarded or a photo of a family party. Once you have discussed them, please take a photograph and upload it to Google Classroom by the following Thursday.

Our Learning:

We enjoyed dressing up and celebrating World book day. We stopped throughout the day to listen adults reading.

Dinosaurs (TV series) - Wikipedia

We have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs this week. We learnt that Mary Anning found many dinosaur fossils. We made our own dinosaur fossils and have enjoyed learning what dinosaurs ate. In our investigation area we looked at dinosaur poop to find clues of what the dinosaurs may have eaten.


Chinese New Year 2024 PNG Transparent Images Free Download ...

We had a lovely visit from a family in Chestnut class who came to tell us all about Chinese New Year and how they celebrate. We learnt about why red is a special colour and it symbolises luck. Children are given red envolopes with money and they wear red clothes. The children were really lucky to be able to wear the dragon costume and create their own dragon dance to the beat of the drums. 


We had a special visit from a parent in Willow class to learn about a special celebration. We learnt the story of the Three Kings which is celebrated in Spain. We learnt that Christmas lasts for 3 weeks in Spain. On the 12th day after Jesus' birth the three Kings arrived with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Children in Spain put their shoes around the Christmas Tree and leave water for the camels. The children listened extremely well and enjoyed hearing about the celebration.

Why does Spain celebrate January 5 with a Three Kings Parade? - Olive Press  News Spain

Paddington Bear's favourite food to eat was a marmalade sandwich. We followed instructions and enjoyed tasting the marmalade sandwich we had made. We learnt key words such as first, then, next and finally to order the instructions and practiced our fine motor skills.

Remembrance Day

We learnt about our senses and got to taste foods which were sour, sweet and salty. Look at our faces to see which food tastes we liked the most.

We brought our Heroes to school this week and told everyone about why they are our heroes.

We had great fun having a picnic on the moon this week after reading our story 'Whatever Next.' We retold the story and then had a jam sandwich on the moon.

We have been reading the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' and have had lots of fun exploring the story. We have tried retelling the story using musical instruments, we made our own story maps and we even went on our own bear hunt.

We were very lucky to have two Police Officers come in to talk to us about their jobs. We learnt how to keep ourselves safe and when we might need to call 999. We were all very excited to be allowed to try on some of their uniform and to climb into their Police van. We had lots of fun using their shields and testing them by throwing tennis balls at them.

Our First Week at Scotts