Scotts Primary School is fully committed to keeping all of our pupils safe. Learning about online safety happens through a range of subjects and approaches.  We use 'Project Evolve' resourcing in line with the 'Education for a Connected World' strands and objectives. 



“Children have the right to enjoy childhood online, to access safe online spaces, and to benefit from all the opportunities that a connected world can bring to them, appropriate to their age and stage” (UKCIS, 2020). 

At Scotts Primary School we want our pupils to become digitally literate, critical, safe and responsible citizens to enable effective and enjoyable experiences in a digital world. We are fully committed to keeping all of our pupils safe and recognise that learning about online safety happens through a range of subjects and approaches. We have adopted the UK Council for Internet Safety’s, ‘Education for a Connected World’ (2020) as a framework of knowledge and skills to support and broaden the provision of online safety education within our school.  We recognise that online safety education is a whole school matter and goes well beyond the computing curriculum alone, therefore, our teaching of framework objectives will come in many forms, for example, through discrete online safety, PSHE or RHE lessons, as well as other curriculum areas, pastoral interactions, home learning, assemblies and special events.   With this approach, it is our intention that pupils will build resilience and develop safe and appropriate behaviours online, which in turn will lead to positive online experiences.



Online Safety Learning Overview 2023-24

Online Safety Learning Journey Flight Path


In the Autumn term we discussed how to keep safe online and signed an acceptable use policy.  These documents are on display in class and can also be found here:

Acceptable Use Policy KS1 2023-2024

Acceptable Use Policy KS2 2023-2024

Acceptable Use Policy - Symbols Version 2023-2024


As well as learning about online safety in school, you can find more information on these websites:

CEOP ThinkuKnow


Meet Ollee - Your helpful digital friend

Ollee is a digital friend for children aged 8-11.  Ollee can help you think about how you feel and offer suggestions for advice and support.

Do you know how to stay safe online?  Take the SMART Rules Quiz.


Safer Internet Day 2024 

On Tuesday 6th February, we participated in Safer Internet Day.  This year's theme was, 'Online Change' and explored how technology has changed, as well as how individuals can make positive online changes  Here is some of the work which children created during this year's Safer Internet Day. 

Our Online Change Wishes

Each class reflected on the online changes which they would like to see. Below are all the some of the fantastic ideas which pupils decided on.

Safer Internet Day 2024


Competition Smartphone Designs