Year 1

Exploring a range of plants that provide fruits and vegetables

Peeling, grating and making fruit props

Pin wheels

Designing and making crowns

3D /textiles to make junk models

3D animals

Adding texture using tools, rolling and cutting materials

Design and make a ladybird biscuit

Scarecrow designs and weaving hats

Animal junk models

Year 2

Design and make space rockets

Imaginary world boxes

3D textiles

Year 3

Designing and using technical knowledge to make improvements to our round houses.

Cooking a Joe Wicks pie

Pyramid challenge

Year 4

Design and make a savoury scone

Design and make torches

Design, make and evaluate making board games

Year 5

Making a Viking long boat

Greek cookery

Design and make a cabin to withstand Zeus’s wrath

Year 6

Mechanical toys linked to Cogheart

Nutrition – modern food vs war food

Design a cake recipe

DT in action

Examples of work

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Recommended websites

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