Year 5L


The weekly times table test will consist of 20 questions. We will test the children on both multiplication and division problems up to 12x12.

To begin the year we will be looking at the place value of numbers, working with numbers up to 1,000,000. This will include using different apparatus and pictorial representations before working with more abstract problems. 

We will then progress to addition, subtraction and multiplication and division after half-term. 

Throughout all lessons, we continuously work on improving our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in order to secure and deepen our understanding of different concepts. 

We will be practising times-tables on a daily basis. If your child is fluent with times-tables (including related division facts) please extend them by multiplying by powers of 10. For example: 8 x 7 = 56 or 8 x 70 = 560


Some useful websites are:


... not forgetting: Purple Mash!


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