Dear 5T,

It is half term this week so there will be no lessons to complete (although last week's planning is still saved below in case you need to catch up). 

I really hope, however, that you are reading daily with an adult. I've read eight books in the last few weeks so you've got competition!!! Remember the list of 100 books to read before you leave primary school - choose some of the high quality books from here!

Who will be the first to reach all 100?!

The class 'key video' is below - I really enjoyed being a part of this and would like to thank you all for your enthusiasm - I'm delighted to see our throwing and catching practice has paid off!!! 

With best wishes,

Miss Taylor :) 


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Mrs Bones' British Sign Language club

A long, long time ago I studied British Sign Language (BSL).  BSL is a language that uses signs to communicate with people who are deaf or partially deaf. 

I had planned to start a BSL club at school in the summer term to brush up on my skills and share some of my knowledge with you,  however, that is now impossible so I am going to upload some videos to help you learn instead! 

This week you can learn basic 'greetings'.‚Äč

Food Technology - Greek Salad

Welcome to 5T!

Our class teacher is Miss Taylor and our teaching assistant is Mrs McLaren.


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Spring term curriculum newsletter