Our class teachers are Mrs Sahota and Mrs Smith.

Mrs Sahota is our teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Smith teaches us on Thursday and Fridays.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Bartram.

Our learning support staff are Miss Wear, Mrs Stevenson and Miss Humphreys.


Spring term curriculum newsletter


In the spring term in maths, we will continue with our study on multiplication and division then move on to statistics, the property of shape, fractions and length and height.

Please see the new maths policy on the maths curriculum page based on the White Rose maths scheme. 



In the new spring term, we shall be studying famous athletes.  This links well with our science study 'Animals Including Humans', our study of healthy eating in PSHE and our computing project 'We are presenters'.  


Guided Reading

In the new spring term, during guided reading, we are reading Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  If children wish to bring in their own copies to use to follow the story with, they may.  Please ensure your child's name is written inside the front cover.


Reading at home with an adult

Please remember to sign your child's reading record.  Reading records shall be checked weekly. Reading records are now becoming full.  Please fill any spaces starting from the beginning of the record book.

New * New * New

We have added some Reading Vipers to our class page to help you support your children when reading at home.

There are 6 different skills that children will be working towards in KS2: find and explain the meaning of vocabulary, Infer beyond the text that they have read, make sensible predictions based on what they have read so far and from other books they have read, explain using evidence from the text, answer simple retrieval questions from what they have read and summarise paragraphs, pages and whole books.  Please see the images below.



Are you having trouble getting your child to learn their spellings?

Try this:

Use a one-minute timer to write a word as many times as possible in a minute.  Count the correct ones and record your answers so that children can see their progress.

Think of a clever mnemonics to help them to remember more difficult spellings. 

You can type in your child's spellings and create a printable word search at:


If you have any creative ways of teaching spellings to your children, please share so that I can put your ideas on our website.  



Next term, we shall be starting our new topic 'We are Presenters'.  This unit gives our children the opportunity to make a short film of themselves practising a sporting skill and use this to help improve their performance.



In the spring term, we are looking forward to learning about Land Use.  Our focus will be on identifying key human features such as land use and types of settlement; using maps, atlases, globes and digital computer mapping to locate countries and describe features; learning to use the 8 points of a compass and six-digit grid references on ordinance survey maps and use the symbols and keys.



In the spring term, we shall be studying Animal Including Humans. We shall focus on food groups, animals and their food, food chains, food webs, the human skeleton, muscles for moving, animals and their skeletons and types of skeleton. 


Thursday 9th January – Local History Day
Monday 13th January - 3B Class Assembly and coffee morning
Monday 20th January - 3S Class Assembly and coffee morning
Tuesday 11th February – Safer Internet Day
Monday 17th February – Half Term
Monday 24th February – Inset Day
Monday 2nd March – Year 3 debate
Monday 30th March – Good to be different day
Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April PSDA Days – Canine Communication.
Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April – Parents Evening
Friday 3rd April – Inset Day

Week of Monday 6th April and 13th April - Easter Holidays
We are hoping to plan a workshop during the spring term to link with our science topic ‘Animals Including Humans’. DTBC possibly the week of 10
th February


Country park trip – date TBC



Below, you will find a copy of the times tables tests we will be using. Each week, you will have the opportunity to reach the next level. To move to the next level, you must score at least 90% correct.

You can also practise your times tables on the Purple Mash website (logins in your reading records).

Feel free to use this handy website at home :)



Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. We recommend that the kit is in school every day.