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Class Teacher: Mrs Bones

Support Staff: Mrs Monk and Mrs Stevenson

Note(s) for parents:

I have uploaded some activities to our Google Classroom page for improving handwriting and games to help improve the working memory.  Even if you do not feel that this is an area that your child needs support in you might find these handy during the half term if you are finding it difficult to find things to do.  The children do love learning via games.

For your information, I have added a couple of additional tasks to Mathletics due to the fact that it is half term.  When children haven't received above 80% on a Mathletics task I have reset the activity so your child may have more than usual.

Thank you for the support that you are giving your children at home.  After talking to you, I certainly got the feeling that we are working as a team through these difficult and challenging times.




In English, we choose specific themed texts to read with the children to support them to develop their skills when writing short stories, recounts, letters, instructions and much more.

Autumn Term 1

This term begins with a transition unit using a book called ‘My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh’ written by Nick Sharratt. After this, we will be reading the book ‘Man on the Moon’ written by Simon Bartram. This book has been chosen to go with our space-themed unit of work for autumn term one.

Autumn Term 2

Our cross-curricular theme for this term is ‘An Island Home’. We shall be using the text ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ written by Ronda and David Armitage to support writing.



Below are links to video recordings of our stories:

My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh



Letters and Sounds have a YouTube channel offering phonics videos for use at home or in school which you may find useful.



You will be set a weekly spelling test that you will need to practice for at home. The test will be on Tuesday. To make this more engaging you may wish to use the look, cover, say, write, check method, create your own word searches or make up your own humorous or memorable mnemonics (eg. because – big elephants can’t always use small exits) to help you remember those more challenging spellings.


We will set maths homework on Mathletics and may send home some additional work if we feel that it is required. 

When counting or practising times tables with your children at home, please remember to count forwards AND backwards. This is vital to their knowledge and understanding of number patterns.

Below are maths mats that show some of the objectives your child will be learning in school.  You might find them useful when working with your child at home.


To begin the new term, we shall be listening to your child read regularly using stage books. In guided reading, we shall use a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to support your child’s reading comprehension skills. Some of the skills that we shall be focusing on are:

  • Using their ‘fastest finger’ to locate words and information within the text.
  • Using titles, subheadings, pictures and paragraphs to make predictions.
  • Explaining characters thoughts, feelings and actions using evidence found in the text.
  • Discussing the sequence of events that occur in a story.
  • Encouraging the reading of a variety of genres to engage and excite your children to read as well as to expose them to a diversity of stimulating and new vocabulary.

Please read with your child for five to ten minutes, fives times a week. Use the reading VIPERS below to support questioning. Questioning when reading with your child is fundamental at this stage in their reading development to help your child develop their comprehension skills as they become more able to read fluently.  At the moment, reading records will remain in school and will not be sent home.


Autumn term 1

Our topic in autumn term one is ‘We are Astronauts’. We will be programming on-screen using ScratchJr. The children will learn to:

  • Plan a sequence of instructions to move sprites in ScratchJr
  • Create, test and debug programs for sprites in ScratchJr
  • Work with input and output in ScratchJr
  • Use repetition in their programs
  • Design costumes for Sprites

Autumn term 2

In autumn term two, our topic is ‘We are Game Testers’. The children will learn to:

  • Understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute them by following precise and unambiguous instructions.
  • Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.
  • Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school.
  • Use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private.

Online safety is very important to us at Scotts and we will be teaching online safety throughout the school year and at some points explicitly in our lessons. 


Autumn Term 1

Our first topic in the new term is our history topic ‘Famous Explorers’. We will research and investigate two great explorers: Christopher Columbus and Helen Sharman. We shall use our six-step enquiry approach using chronology, historical enquiry, historical significance and characteristic features to answer the question ‘Who was the most significant explorer?’

Autumn Term 2

The next topic will be our geography topic based on our ‘Island Home' theme. We shall complete a variety of exciting activities using ‘Katie Morag’s Island Stories' written by Mairi Hedderwick. To answer the question ‘What is it like to live on a small island?’, we shall use the main strands of locational and place knowledge, human and physical features, and geographical skills. The children will learn the four compass points (N, E, S, W), left and right, near and far; create a map and use basic symbols in a key; identify human and physical features; use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise human and physical features.

We have created some fabulous knowledge organisers (see the bottom of our page) that relate to the topics that your child will be studying. Some children have said that they find learning in the topic subjects particularly challenging because of new vocabulary. We would love it if when at home, you would use the knowledge organisers to support your children’s learning. 

There are many amazing websites that children can use to continue their learning at home about the topics that we study. Lots of museums around the world have uploaded amazing pages that engage and excite children to learn. We are very lucky to live so near to a big city such as London so you might wish to visit our museums to support your child's learning. Here are some useful links:











Autumn term 1 and 2

In science, we will be investigating ‘Everyday Materials’. We shall be testing and comparing everyday materials for absorbency, if the material is waterproof, stretchy, for its buoyancy and rigidity. We shall be working scientifically to identify and classify, using comparative and fair testing, pattern-seeking, observing over time and use research using secondary sources.

My Classroom Ethos

I am a huge fan of the psychologist Carol Dweck. In my classroom, I promote a positive learning environment using ‘Growth Mindset’ techniques. Below is a poster for parents of growth mindset ideas that you might wish to use at home. I particularly love ‘The Power of Not Yet!’  If you have any worries or concerns about your child, I will be happy to meet with you.  Please make an appointment with the school office (01708 457019).  Please be aware that COVID health and safety restrictions may apply when visiting our school.

PE Kit

Our PE day is Wednesday and during the autumn term, we shall be having our PE lessons outside.  The children can wear their summer PE uniform until after the October half term.


During this half of the autumn term, children can wear black trainers for school and their summer uniform.  However, we do get unexpected cold days so please ensure your child comes to school with a jumper or cardigan and a coat for drizzly days.  If your child wears shoes that have laces, they must be able to lace them themselves.  Otherwise, we ask that you buy velcro shoes.

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