Welcome to 2TA

Our topic this half term is 'Our world'.

Our teachers are Ms Bozkaya and Mrs Adams.

Our trainee teacher is Mrs Siddique.

Our teaching assistant is Miss Anderson.

On Monday and Tuesday we are taught by Ms Bozkaya. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are taught by Mrs Adams.

Knowledge organiser

Spring term curriculum newsletter


This half term, our book is 'Leon and the Place Between'

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This half term we are starting our geography topic, 'Our World'. We will be learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. 

See the Knowledge Organiser below that will be used for the half term:


We will be learning about living things, animals, plants and habitats this half term.


This half term, we will be learning about the stories that Jesus told and Easter.


This is a great website that is free to register to support children with early reading.



This week, in maths we have been learning to compare numbers using the greater than and less than symbols (< >).


We have been quickly recalling our number bonds to 100 (multiples of 10).

We enjoyed playing this game to help us to learn them:

Hit the button

We have played a great game to increase the speed of our recall when doubling.


Shark place value game



Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. This half term we have a dance unit based on animals movement. There will be opportunities to learn techniques and develop choreography to perform their own dances. 


We use the music scheme 'Charanga'. We will be following a unit called 'Your Imagination/Our World'