Welcome to 2AB

Our teachers are Ms Bozkaya and Mrs Adams. 

Our trainee teacher is Mrs Siddique. 

Our teaching assistant is Miss Anderson.

Hello 2AB, 


Mrs Adams and I wanted to say a final, big thank you to you all for your generous gifts and cards. We loved every minute of teaching you all and wish our year had ended with us celebrating together in class.  We will both really miss you all but we know that you will all continue to be fabulous in year 3! Watch out juniors...here comes the most wonderful, brave, kind, talented, fun, hard working, resilient, creative class of children you'll ever see!

There will be no home learning this week so simply enjoy our updated Sunflowers and Our Wonderful Work 3 presentations and watch  the final chapters of "The Twits".

As always, please take care and stay amazing!

love from

Ms Bozkaya and Mrs Adams



If you are on Twitter, please follow us and share your home learning. We would love to see your child's work!



We missed you all so much but we LOVED looking at your Home Learning work! Please see the updated presentation of work below where we celebrate the effort and determination you demonstrated by continuing your lessons at home! Thank you to you and all your helpers at home!

Global learning project

This is a whole school project that we would like all of our children to get involved in.

Back in early March, we had the privilege of welcoming a visitor to our school, Mahfuz Ara Sultana, the Assistant Headteacher at Carmichael College in Bangladesh. She visited us for a few days, along with working with teachers in school and with the other schools in our cluster (The RJ Mitchell, St. Frances Bardsley Academy and Crownfields Infants).

We are all part of a Global Learning project through the British Council called Connecting Classrooms. They work to connect schools from all over the world, to learn from each other, with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals. Issues like climate change, gender equality and how to live sustainably affect us all- and connect us all- wherever we are in the world.

They believe global projects will 'help you equip your pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to act more thoughtfully, ethically and responsibly as citizens and contributors to society.'

This project will run for the next three weeks, with your teachers setting at least two activities each week. They will direct you to the PowerPoint below and some of the links with sheets below that for you to work from. We look forward to working on a special project as a whole school, whether you are at home learning or at school learning.


Join us at 9am every day to follow 'PE with Joe' on Joe Wick's youtube channel! :) 


These challenge cards can be useful for PE games and activities. Adapt and change as necessary.

Mrs Bones' British Sign Language club

A long, long time ago I studied British Sign Language (BSL).  BSL is a language that uses signs to communicate with people who are deaf or partially deaf. 

I had planned to start a BSL club at school in the summer term to brush up on my skills and share some of my knowledge with you,  however, that is now impossible so I am going to upload some videos to help you learn instead! 

Learn to sign numbers 0-10

Finger spelling the alphabet in BSL

Nursery rhyme in BSL



Home Learning

There will be no more home learning for this academic year.  We think it is time for you and your families to rest and relax so you will be ready and raring to get back to school in September.


This week you can listen to the end of "The Twits" by Roald Dahl. As there were six chapters left, I have recorded three videos. Please watch them in order and enjoy listening to the grisly end of Mr and Mrs Twit! If you enjoyed "The Twits", I would recommend you read another Roald Dahl book like "Fantastic Mr Fox" or "George's Marvellous Medicine".

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Knowledge organisers