Welcome to 2AC

Our teachers are Mrs Adams and Mrs Chart. 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Aynsworth.

Just a quick reminder that P.E is on Wednesdays so the children will need to wear their P.E kit to school on that day. 

Also reading books will be changed on Mondays and Fridays. Thank you so much for your continued support.


Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Friday.  Please be sure to listen to your child read at least 5 times per week at home. This will have a great impact on their fluency and confidence in reading aloud.  Please ask 2 to 3 questions during each reading session that relate to the text or other similar texts to help improve comprehension skills (see the reading VIPERS below).

Homework will be set on Google Classroom each Friday and should be completed by the following Friday. 




Please read with your child for five to ten minutes fives times a week.  Use the reading VIPERS below to support questioning.  Questioning when reading with your child is fundamental at this stage in their reading development to help them develop their comprehension skills as your children become more able to read fluently.

We will be reading with your child 1:1 every week. We will also be having a daily guided reading whole class session.


In science, we will be investigating ‘Plants'. 



 This term we will be covering:

  • Addition and subtraction 
  • Shape – 2d and 3d properties and perimeter.
  • Statistics – focusing on using scales in bar graphs (increments greater than 1). 
  • Measure – telling the time with increasing accuracy. 
  • Problem solving – children will develop confidence in solving problems  including two-step word problems.




Florence Nightingale


Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole

In Summer 1, we shall learn about why these two nurses were significant in history and their achievements.  


The Great Fire of London

In summer 2, we shall investigate why and how the great fire of London started.

We have created some fabulous knowledge organisers (see the bottom of our page) that relate to the topics that your child will be studying. Some children have said that they find learning in the topic subjects particularly challenging because of new vocabulary. We would love it if when at home, you would use the knowledge organisers to support your children’s learning. 

There are many amazing websites that children can use to continue their learning at home about the topics that we study. Lots of museums around the world have uploaded amazing pages that engage and excite children to learn. We are very lucky to live so near to a big city such as London so you might wish to visit our museums to support your child's learning. Here are some useful links:












Online safety is very important to us at Scotts and we will be teaching online safety throughout the school year and at some points explicitly in our lessons. We have shared the acceptable use policy with the children in September.  Below is a copy for you to view.

Summer 1

Our topic in summer one is ‘We Are Animators’. 

Summer 2

In summer two, our topic is ‘We Are Photographers’. 


Our children in year 2 have been creating some fantastic drawings and paintings in the style of Henri Rousseau's 

(Tiger in a Tropical storm) Surprised! 1891