Welcome to 2AC

Our teachers are Mrs Adams and Mrs Chart. 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Aynsworth.


Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Friday.  Please be sure to listen to your child read at least 5 times per week at home. This will have a great impact on their fluency and confidence in reading aloud.  Please ask 2 to 3 questions during each reading session that relate to the text or other similar texts to help improve comprehension skills (see the reading VIPERS below).

Homework will be set online each Monday and should be completed by Friday of the same week. You will find the homework on here each week. This also contains spellings to be practised for our weekly test. Maths activities are set through Mathletics.  Logins for Mathletics will be communicated in the second week of the term when homework will be set.


We will start our new term with some transition work based around the book 'My Mum and Dad make me laugh'written by Nick Sharratt.  After this, we will be reading the book ‘Man on the Moon’ written by Simon Bartram.  This book has been chosen to go with our space themed unit of work for Autumn term one.


Please read with your child for five to ten minutes fives times a week.  Use the reading VIPERS below to support questioning.  Questioning when reading with your child is fundamental at this stage in their reading development to help them develop their comprehension skills as your children become more able to read fluently.

We will be reading with your child 1:1 every week. We will also be having a daily guided reading whole class session.


In science, we will be investigating ‘Everyday Materials’.  We shall be testing and comparing everyday materials for absorbency, if a material is waterproof, stretchy, for its buoyancy and rigidity.  We shall be working scientifically to identify and classify, using comparative and fair testing, pattern seeking, observing over time and use research using secondary sources.


In our first half term, we shall be regularly recapping year 1 objectives and introducing the new year 2 objectives, starting with place value and number.


Our first topic in the new term is our history topic ‘Explorers’.  We shall research and investigate two great explorers: Christopher Columbus and Helen Sharman.  We shall use our six-step enquiry approach using chronology, historical enquiry, historical significance and characteristic features to answer the question ‘Who was the most significant explorer?’


Our topic in autumn term one is ‘We are Astronauts’. We will be programming on-screen using ScratchJr. The children will learn to:

  • Plan a sequence of instructions to move sprites in ScratchJr
  • Create, test and debug programs for sprites in ScratchJr
  • Work with input and output in ScratchJr
  • Use repetition in their programs
  • Design costumes for Sprites