Welcome to 3B


Our class teacher is Mrs Bones. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Kavanagh and Miss Wear.



After Easter, we will be focussing on measure and shape. 



In the summer term, we shall be reading Flat Stanley - The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery.


Are you having trouble getting your child to learn their spellings?

Try this:

Use a one-minute timer to write a word as many times as possible in a minute.  Count the correct ones and record your answers so that children can see their progress.

Think of a clever mnemonics to help them to remember more difficult spellings.  We have had a go at this in class this week.  My personal favourite is for the spelling necessary.  It's necessary to have one collar and two sleeves on a shirt or Mrs Bones likes one coffee two sugars.

You can type in your child's spellings and create a printable word search at: https://www.superkids.com/aweb/tools/words/search/make-your-own.shtml

If you have any creative ways of teaching spellings to your children, please share so that I can put your ideas on our website.  

* Recently, some children who have been having trouble to learn their spellings have been using look, cover, write check in our spelling club.  You can ask your children about this. 



In the summer term, we shall be studying forces, motion and magnets.



Our topic for the summer term will be history.  We shall be studying 'The Egyptians'.  



We are starting a new computing topic next week, called 'We are opinion pollsters'. To introduce the topic, I would like you to vote in the polls below:


What has been your favourite computing topic so far?

Use of devices should be limited to two hours per day...

Please remember to sign children's reading records when you listen to them read.