Welcome to 3B

Our class teacher is Mrs Bones. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Kavanagh.


This term in maths, we will be studying place value, addition and subtraction.  To see the methods we will be using go to: 


and look at the year 3 videos.

As we made you aware at our parent information morning, pupils in year 3 will be tested weekly on their times table knowledge including the inverse.


4 x 5 = 20

20 ÷ 5 = 4

The children will be tested according to their needs.  In the back of the homework book, you will find a small table.  We shall tick off the table as they achieve a particular times table so that you know that the next one on the list (that which is not ticked) is the one that they should be focussing on when practising at home.

You can create your own times table including the inverse practise sheets at:  TimesTables.me.uk



In writing, we are using the book 'First Hippo to the Moon'.  This is our transition book from year two to year three.


Guided Reading

In guided reading, we are reading 'The BFG' written by Roald Dhal.  If children wish to bring in their own copies to use to follow with, they may.  Please ensure your child's name is written inside the front cover.

Reading at home with an adult

Please remember to sign your child's reading record.  Reading records shall be checked weekly. 


Are you having trouble getting your child to learn their spellings?

Try this:

Use a one-minute timer to write a word as many times as possible in a minute.  Count the correct ones and record your answers so that children can see their progress.

Think of a clever mnemonics to help them to remember more difficult spellings.  We have had a go at this in class this week.  My personal favourite is for the spelling necessary.  It's necessary to have one collar and two sleeves on a shirt or Mrs Bones likes one coffee two sugars.

You can type in your child's spellings and create a printable word search at: https://www.superkids.com/aweb/tools/words/search/make-your-own.shtml

If you have any creative ways of teaching spellings to your children, please share so that I can put your ideas on our website.  


This term, we are studying light and dark.



In topic, we are studying the Stone Age and the bronze age through to the Iron Age.  



We are starting a new topic in computing called 'We are Programmers'.  Soon, we will give the children their purple mash logins.



3B's PE days are Monday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor). Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day.  Earrings should be removed on PE days.  However, if children have recently pierced their ears, please supply your child with plasters to put over their ears during the lesson.

Thank you.