Week beginning Monday 25th May 2020

Flat Teacher Adventures!

This week it is half-term.  I will not be setting you any home-learning or other tasks.  I want you (and your parents) to have a break and a rest from schooling.

However, some of you have expressed by email that you're missing school and your teacher (that's me) so I have been busy doing some research and come up with an ingenious way for us to spend some time together.

After half term, we are going to be reading 'Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery' and below you will find a flat version of me.  Ta-Da! You can print me off or draw a version of me and then cut me out.  After, we can go on some great adventures together. 

I have created a table of some ideas just in case you have trouble thinking of any. Please share and email me any of the adventures that you take me on and I will upload them to our class page.  You might create some art and put me in it or you might take me somewhere and take a photograph of us together.   Let your creative imagination come alive.  Come on!  Let's go...

PARENTS, please note: I do not expect this task to be completed unless you wish to.  It is just for fun in case you find having time on your hands during the half-term break difficult to manage! 

Thank you to our wonderful year 3 children and parents. This certainly put a smile on our faces!

A message from Mrs Bones

A long, long time ago I studied British Sign Language (BSL).  BSL is a language that uses signs to communicate with people who are deaf or partially deaf. 

I had planned to start a BSL club at school in the summer term to brush up on my skills and share some of my knowledge with you,  however, that is now impossible so I am going to upload some videos to help you learn instead! 

This week you can learn basic 'greetings'. 

In case you forget, I'm leaving this video uploaded.  I'm still mega proud of you for all that you do!

Below is a short video of my favourite quick and easy banana loaf cake.  It's quite hard to cook and talk at the same time.  Maybe you would like to have a go at recording a video of you making something.  Use specific verbs like 'fold' and 'mix' and adverbs of time like 'now, next, after and finally'.  I'm looking forward to receiving your videos :)

Summer Term - Home Learning 

Welcome to the summer term.  Let's hope that the sunshine prevails so that we can continue to enjoy it.  

Attached to our class page are your lesson plans for English, Maths, science, history and other subjects. Any problems or issues don't forget you can email the office and I will email you back or email me via your Purple Mash app 2Email.

Story Time

Six Dinner Sid

by Inga Moore 

As specially requested by Mrs Luck as it's her

favourite children's picture book :)

Marry Anning and the Sea Dragon

by Jeannine Atkins

Man on the Moon

by Simon Bartram

Roxy and Luna's Petlandia Road Trip

by Steve Cleverley

The Bear and The Piano

by David Litchfield



You have been set a 2Do quiz on Purple Mash for this week's spellings and below is a word search to help you to practise this week's spellings.


Don't forget your Mathletics tasks.  Remember to practise your times tables daily.  You can use Times Table Rockstars to do this.

Other Subjects

(art, music, PSHE, PE, RE and science - computing separately)  

Science Experiment Pack - to try if you wish no expectations.


Your children can access set tasks on Purple Mash using their logins and we have also set up 2Email.  We have allowed the children access to 2Email so that they can stay in contact with each other (only their class peers), with myself and Ms Uppal.  Purple Mash has characters such as 'Baby Bear', so if your child receives an email from one of the characters please do not be alarmed.   Should your child receive any emails that you are concerned about there is a tab where you can alert me.  In school on Friday, I trained the children how to use 2Email safely and respectfully.  However, if your child was not in school I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you some usage expectations

  • Your child will likely need some training on how to use 2Email if they were not in school on Friday.
  • Children using 2Email will be monitored by me (their class teacher) and if anyone is unkind, they will be blocked from using 2Email.
  • Children should not use this facility to make arrangements to meet each other or anyone else.  
  • Children should not use 2Email to discuss games or films etc. that they are too young to use or see.  Please ensure your child knows and understands the rules that are there to keep them happy and safe before using the 2Email app on Purple Mash.

And by special request, here are some more general knowledge quiz questions :) Email me your answers.

A couple of NEW Mindfulness Activities

Send a kindness postcard to key workers

or to those who are self-isolating :)

World Food Programme - practise your grammar and vocabulary playing this game.  Thanks to Derin's mum for the recommendation.


BBC Bitesize is producing support for learning whilst at home.  See the link for more details:


Other Sites with Stories for you to Listen to

A website list of other home learning ideas.

Additional Website List from Havering

Knowledge Organisers - Summer Term



One of our Year 3 science learning objectives is to learn that plants need room to grow.  I sliced some cherry tomatoes and put the slices(including the seeds) in some small pots on some seed compost and then covered the slices with about 2 cms of the soil.  After, I put the soil pots outside in my garden (but a warm windowsill would do) where there is a lot of sun to keep the seeds warm.  Every day I kept the soil moist by carefully watering the pots.  The seeds sprouted leaves and a white root within just two weeks.  In this video clip, I show you how to separate and transfer the seedlings so that they have room to grow. 

What are all the things that seeds and plants need to grow? 

Send me an email with your answers  :)

Enter text...


If you are on Twitter, please follow us and share

your activities and home learning.


I love the Natural History museum and even more so after my Dino Snores experience recently.  

You can hang out with the Nature Live Online team on Tuesdays at 12.00 and Fridays at 10.30 for interactive talks featuring topical discussions with our scientists and cutting-edge research.

From meteorites to mammoths, evolution to the climate crisis, Nature Live Online is a great way to explore the natural world.

All events are free to watch online. Here's the link: 


Home Learning

I have received a lot of fantastic activities and photos from our lovely children in 3B and am so proud of all of your efforts to keep yourselves busy.  I will be uploading a few examples for you to enjoy each week.

Thank you to all the children in 3B. 

You are AMAZING!

Nida has drawn a wonderful African pattern and has challenged herself to learn the 99 names of Allah to fundraise money for charity. 

So far an amazing £1,000 has been raised! 

Well done Nida. 

We love that you're challenging yourself :)

Ronnie has been having a great time making burgers, Mrs Bones's banana loaf cake, completing his home learning, going to the park, making a breakfast menu and lots more!  

Yuvi has been busy playing in his garden, making an eggless cake and a Lego model.  Isn't it amazing?

Julian has been very busy visiting the park, baking, creating artwork for his local bus drivers to say thank you and playing.  Look at him cooking an omelette.  Yum Yum!

Amara has created an amazing Hinduism project.  It's fantastic!

Emily's flowers are beginning to grow...

Maya had a zoom sleepover with the Brownies.  They were set several challenges throughout the day baking, designing and experimenting.  Such fun!  She has also completed some of the set tasks for art and DT. Great to see!

Maya has made a fabulous sarcophogus!

Alannah has been busy making chocolate muffins (they look divine) and has made a fabulous sarcophogus!

Amara has made a beautiful Ancient Egyptian mask.

Neat colouring!

Aryan has been extremely busy riding his new bike in the park and making a face mask and Hindu 3D model - AMAZING!

Aryan has created a fabulous presentation on Hindu Gods.  Enjoy reading his facts :)

Emily and her sister have made a better-looking banana loaf than mine :) Scrumptious!

Someone is missing his trips to the barbers... Noah can now fit his hair into a ponytail!  He's also been working hard and created a fabulous Hindu Temple. 


Noah has written this beautiful friends poem! I love it :)

Poppy D has created this beautiful rainbow drip pattern. So pretty!

Poppy D has been practising her statistic skills on Purple Mash :)  Great independent work Poppy!

Yuvi has created an amazing presentation on PowerPoint about Ancient Egyptian mummies and burials.  Well done Yuvi!

Poppy has been working hard over the last few weeks.  She came up with an inventive way to stay in contact with her Grandad :)

Poppy created a 3D robot model from recycled materials that sits proudly outside her Grandad's front door so that she can leave messages for him.  As well as this, Poppy has been busy growing plants in the garden, participating in a zoom bake-off with Mummy making a scrumptious looking Victoria Sandwich and completing her set tasks.  I especially loved Poppy's Pop Art using onomatopoeia!

Ryan - our favourite 3D model maker - has been extremely busy over the last few weeks designing and making :)

Ryan has grown plants in a homemade trough, made 3D models from Hama beads and sand AND has made the biggest looking sushi rolls I have ever seen!  Delicious :)

Tanya has started a new hobby at home :)

Tanya has been busy learning how to make origami and has made a bookmark, a boat and a hat for her teddy.  We hope that she will share her skills when we get back to school.  Tanya has also been keeping fit by practising her badminton skills in the garden with her sister :)

Dawson has also started new hobbies at home :)

This week, Dawson has been learning about metal detection.  He has found a drain cover, a street sign, a lamppost, a zip on a jacket, a dirty tin can, a metal pipe, bolts in a block of wood, a ring pull, a bench, a stone bollard and 8 items that he couldn't identify.

Dawson has learnt that a metal detector is an electronic instrument that detects the presence of metal nearby.  Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground.  They often consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe which can be swept over the ground or other objects.  

Did you know that items such as coins can be buried up to 1cm each year due to debris such as leaves and dirt falling on the ground?  Earthworms can also churn the ground making the coins go deeper.

As well as this, Dawson and his sister have begun to grow sunflowers. They found out some AMAZING facts:

  • Sunflower is the only flower with 'flower' in its name.
  • Helianthus is the scientific name of sunflower, Helia for sun and Anthus for flower.
  • The sunflower is the national flower of the Ukraine
  • A single sunflower can have up to 2,000 seeds.


Whilst at home, Maya has been busy learning about Hinduism and has made an astounding PowerPoint that contains the information that she has learnt.  Maya has taught me some new facts and you know how much I love learning.  Fantastic Maya-thank you!

Aryan has been working very hard completing his English and maths tasks and has made the most breathtaking den I have EVER SEEN!  What fabulous fun :)

Emily has written a fabulous version of 'The Bear and the Piano' and designed some great Pop Art using onomatopoeia.

Esha has had another busy week.  This week she has been creating a 3D Pop Art model made of Lego (it's AMAZING), a Tutankhamun mask and a mouth-watering pile of cupcakes to celebrate VE Day :)

Jack has been enjoying experimenting this week.  He has made a magic sunset, mummified an apple and poured blue water and had great fun!  The apple started at 20g and went down to 10g. 

Alaric's been working hard on his art projects

Esha has been working hard and practising her keyboard skills.  Can you guess the tune?  Email me with your answers. 

Tune 1

Tune 2

We have had some beautiful digital artwork from Betsy, Esha, Poppy, Dawson, Noah and Emily.

Amara has been busy baking rainbow cakes. 

Don't they look delicious?

Noah has been working really hard for the last two weeks researching and learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  He has created a fabulous PowerPoint that includes some VERY interesting facts! 

Thank you Noah I really enjoyed reading your research and learning new things :)

Maya has been learning about planting and growing seeds in her garden.  She has planted the herbs coriander and fenugreek and will no doubt be using them to cook with at a later date.