The school follows the admission arrangements as set out by the Local Authority

Parents should express a preference for any primary school by means of a common application form (CAF), which allows space for up to 6 preferences in ranking order. Forms should then be sent to the Local Authority by the deadline. Further details can be obtained from Pupil Services, Havering Local Authority.

When the demand exceeds the number of places available in the school, children may be offered a place through the following criteria:

1) Children who are looked after (children in public care), or those who would qualify under the In Year Fair Access protocol.

2) Exceptional medical or exceptional social grounds (supporting medical or other evidence must be provided at the time of application).

3) The existing attendance of a brother or sister in the school, regardless of the year group the existing sibling is in.

4) The distance of the home address from the school, as measured by a straight line from the school, those pupils living nearer the school being given higher priority.

When year groups are full (limited by the Governing Body to 60 places at Scotts and by the statutory limit of 30 places in all infant classes), the Local Authority operate a waiting list system. There is also an appeal process for children who have not obtained a place in the school of their choice.

The London Borough of Havering carries out checks on parental addresses to ensure consistency and fairness. Where inconsistencies are found, these are followed up rigorously and offers may be withdrawn.

The school operates a ‘Parent and Toddler’ programme during the summer term. This is for parents and their pre-school children who will be admitted into school for the first time in the following September. The aim of these visits is to familiarise children and parents with the school and its routines.

We also work in partnership with local secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7. This may be through the facilitation of ‘taster’ days, meeting visiting staff from secondary schools or visits to the schools themselves. The majority of our pupils go on to local secondary schools, such as Abbs Cross, Sanders, Hall Mead and Emerson Park. Others have gone on to attend Harrow School, Westminster School and Coopers Coburn and Company.

Visits to our school are welcomed. Please contact the School Office if you wish to arrange a visit.