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Exciting news!

Following on from our successful link with Compot Para Government School in Bangladesh, we now have a school partner in China. Our Global Ambassadors have been busy communicating with pupils at Huaihe Primary School. We are looking forward to finding out about life in China and making new friends in far off places.

Scotts Global Ambassadors

Joe, Reily, Harrison, Maddie, Finlay, Amelia

Today's children are growing up in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Shifting global powers, a globalised economy and global challenges like climate change and poverty mean they will be faced with difficult choices in their lives. 

As part of our Global Learning Project, we have been learning about the difference between charity and fair trade. In order to understand this, pupils took part in the 90kg Rice Challenge.

JTS, a not-for-profit fair trade organisation, has challenged schools and other organisations, to sell 90kg of rice – the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer to pay for a year’s basic secondary education for one child.

During the week beginning 18th May, children in all classes completed a mini-project about rice. They found out how it is grown in different countries and how it forms part of a staple diet for many people. Year 6 pupils helped the younger children to design posters and make their own paper bags in technology lessons and the highlight was a Rice Market which they held in school on Friday 22nd May.

Not only did we manage to complete the challenge, we beat our target and sold 100 kg of Kilombero rice!

Thank you to everyone who supported us by buying rice. Together we made a difference!


We are also taking part in the British Council  Connecting Classrooms project. Scotts Primary School is partnered with Compot Para Government Primary School in Bangladesh. In July one of the teachers, Mrs Baygum visited us to learn more about our school. This was very exciting for us. In October, Mrs Boardman visited Mrs Baygum in Bangladesh and had a fantastic experience!