We have recently purchased a new PSHE scheme as an important part of our curriculum. This works alongside all of the important PSHE work that is imbedded within all areas of our curriculum.

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As the Long Term Plan states, the Summer term is focussed on SRE, adapted and delivered to children in a completely age-appropriate way. This was discussed and shared with parents at our recent parent partnership meeting and has been shared with all parents electronically.

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British values

Our whole school debates

3S led our most recent whole school debate.

'Should animals be kept in captivity?'

After a great discussion led by 3S, the overwhelming vote was 'against'. Well done 3S!


Year 6 visited The Houses of Parliament. They were lucky enough to witness David Cameron debating the subject, 'Should Britain send troops to fight in Syria?' in The House of Commons. They were also lucky enough to witness Lord 'Alan' Sugar in The House of Lords. Their debating skills were put to the test when they had to debate the subject, 'Should women have the right to vote?'


Each term we celebrate 'Good to be Different Day', celebrating diversity within our school. Each term we have a different theme.

Autism Awareness

This term, our 'Good to be Different Day' was themed around autism. Each class had a picture book to support their children in understanding about autism and completed some wonderful work about autism.

We then had a visit from Fay, who leads a group called 'Awareness for Autism'. She held a fantastic assembly for the children and helped us to understand some of the amazing things that people with autism can see differently.


A 'GTBDD' focussed on diversity and equality.

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During one 'GTBDD' we focussed on a book called 'Only One You'. Our focus was on positivity and being secure in ourselves and our individuality.

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