Welcome to 6W

Our class teacher is Mrs Walker and our teaching assistant is Mrs Jones.

Thank you to all of the parents who attended the SATs information evening. Below is the PowerPoint which has the dates and timings of each assessment:


This term we will be using Wonder by R. J. Palacio to inspire discussions and creative writing during our lessons. We will be thinking about different points of view, writing our own Wonder chapters and publishing these.

Topic: History

This term we are learning about the Victorians. We have investigated inventions and learned how the Victorians have influenced our lives today, for example through the telephone, petrol powered cars, the London Underground and penny-farthings. We have also learned about life in a Victorian school and are very glad we don't have the same punishments now! We are looking forward to our trip the Valence House at the end of term.


See below for some photos from our trip to Valence House. We wrote diaries and recounts from our trip too which will be uploaded soon.


Topic: Geography

We will be studying rivers in Geography this term and hope to investigate local rivers as part of a trip to the Hornchurch Country Park.


Please continue to learn your lines for the production and get 5 reads in your reading records.

Remember, we are aiming for no scripts from the 8th July!

Please click the date for homework set on: 

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If you need a reminder, see if the Maths Calculation Methods videos can help you.



During the Autumn term, we will be focusing on the four operations and applying these to multi-step problems. We will have the opportunity to work with a partner to discuss the best approaches to word problems before solving problems independently. There will also be opportunities to draw the problems to support comprehension.

Children have morning challenges of White Rose problems of the day to embed our problem solving skills.


This term we are investigating Evolution and Inheritance. We will learn about inherited characteristics and the traits that could be passed down through generations. We will investigate Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution.