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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

Our teacher is Miss Stagg.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs McLaren.


Homework is set on a Thursday and is due in on a Tuesday.

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Year 5 Spring Curriculum


Creative Writing

 In the Autumn term we are read 'The Bad Beginning' by Lemony Snicket and used this text to inspire our writing.

We imagined the worst starts to the school year and wrote a diary entry describing our bad school beginnings.

This week, we have also become authors and rewritten one of Lemony Snicket's chapters focusing on one particular perspective. We spent time redrafting and improving our chapters to ensure there was lots of description and not too much speech.

Our authors below are: Tommy, Victoria, Rosie and Olivia.

More writing!

We imagined we were Count Olaf and wanted to persuade Mr Poe to allow us to adopt the Baudelaire orphans. We came up with some brilliant reasons and some creative ways to disguise our true reason to adopt the children (to steal their fortune!).

The Count Olafs below are: Olivia, Eloise and Abby.

New Year, More Creative Writing!

We are starting 2018 by reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The children have really engaged with the text so far and are making fantastic predictions based on the chapter titles and what we have researched on the Greek Gods so far. We are currently writing informative texts about Zeus, Posiedon and Hades. We have done some great research and presented our findings to the class.

We have also written descriptions of Camp Half Blood. First, we drew a map of the camp and then we thought of different ways to describe it. Look below to read Harry's awesome description and his fab map.


If you are struggling, see if the Maths Calculation Methods videos can help you. Click here. 

Remember to compete on Live Mathletics when you have done your weekly tasks.

We have also invested in Times Table Rock Stars which the children can use to practise their times tables and compete against each other.


This term we are investigating properties of materials and how we can change them. We tested different materials for their: flexibility, permeability, hardness, translucency and if they were magnetic.

Next, we will investigate reversible and irreversible changes. 


During the Spring Term, we visited Ingrebourne Country Park to investigate mini-beasts and wildlife. First we participated in a bug hunt where we found (named) lots of different creatures like: Jellyfish the spider, Steven the ladybird and Elvis the earwig! We then went bird watching and although this was very wet, we managed to spot different birds on the lake.

Enrichment opportunities

We were lucky enough to work with Mike Mullen and learn different stunts on a BMX. We used our Growth Mindset to go through the 'I can' door and with some determination we succeeded!


For the last few weeks, we have been learning to play the glockenspiel with Miss Perry. We have worked out the notes we need to play and are playing beautifully together as a class.


We will be exploring the Ancient Greeks this term.